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Best ads are made
by your customers

Vimma enables marketers to buy ad space on individuals’ social media profiles with a few clicks. Find your customers and let them advertise your product!

With Vimma, engagement, impressions and CPA perform 11x better than ads.

Results with Vimma

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Grow your revenue! Our customers, on average, receive a 11x better return on investment compared to traditional displays ads.

  • Save time - create and run social campaigns in only a few clicks
  • Turn your brand into a hot topic in social media
  • Drive conversions - authentic social posts generate real paying customers

How does it work?

Buying consumer generated ads is as easy as buying AdWords.

Set your keywords

Tell us what you want to advertise. Give us your product details, logo and keywords, and we'll find your customers who are willing to talk about your product in social media.

Set your budget

Pay per impressions, likes, or clicks. You can get started with as little as $100. Your ad revenue will generate on average 11x the results compared to display ads.

Run a campaign

Just press play. We will optimise your budget, and people will start talking about your product within the next few days.

Analyse the results

You will get full statistics of the campaign performance and detailed report on what people are saying about your product.

Contact us

We serve brands, influencer marketing agencies and platforms with our programmatic advertising tools. We also serve really good coffee. Drop us a line, we’d be happy to have a chat!