About Vimma

Vimma is a London based marketing tech company started by Outi Pietilanaho and Mykhailo Loginov. Between them they have over 20 years of experience in running marketing and software businesses.

We at Vimma believe in a better future of digital advertisement. Currently, companies spend too much money in advertisement that people do not want to see. We believe there is a better way brands can connect to their target groups than catering them with display ads. We think that ads should be integrated into our lives in a meaningful way, and commercial content should be relevant, fun and informative.

This is why we believe the ads should be created and distributed by consumers themselves. This way, there will be more ads that individuals can believe in, shared to their networks that find them relevant.

Our technology

Did you know that there are 1,8 Billion photos and 86,000 hours of video uploaded to social media every single day? Our technology scans millions of posts and finds the ones that have the most commercially valuable content.


VIMMA scans images to detect context, objects, products, brands and more.

Brand Safety

Our brand safety check also picks up on adult, offensive, racist, political, violent and inapropiate content. With VIMMA you can rest assured your brand is safe on social media!


Tweets, captions, comments. You name it, we scan it! Sentiment, labels and tags detected.


Need a powerful way to run powerful campaigns at scale? Ask for our API!


We also scan videos and stories! We analyse the visual and audio of the video as well as we do images and text.

Need something else?

Is there something you just cannot find? We get it, just let us know and we flag those topics for you.

Contact us

We serve brands, influencer marketing agencies and platforms with our programmatic advertising tools. We also serve really good coffee. Drop us a line, we’d be happy to have a chat!